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Consumer Fraud Alert

In 2013 it came to our attention that All About Title's name was used to in a scheme concerning timeshares. As a result, sellers of timeshares had sent monies to individuals claiming to be agents of our company.  These fraudsters used our company's name and address and created a fake letter head, as well as fake Timeshare documents using the seller's timeshare company's information to give the illusion that the transaction was legitimate.  The sellers were asked to "wire" their closing costs upfront, but were instructed to go to a local grocery or convenient store.  No legitimate title company would ever ask for funds to be sent via Western Union, Money Gram, etc. as they will only accept certified funds or wire transfers from banks.


If you are ever contacted by anyone claiming to be from All About Title regarding your timeshare (they were using the phone numbers 727-953-5995; 727-550-7034; and 813-384-0197 and so far they've used the following names as agents:  Robert Palmer, Mark Bedford, Thomas Carpenter, Robert Alexander, Robert Davila, Gerald Brugam, David Fulf, John Busboom, Raymond Corral, and Charles Roth) saying they have a buyer (they are using Michael Campbell and/or Susan Campbell as the buyer's name) DO NOT SEND THEM ANY FUNDS!!!  THIS IS A SCAM!!!  The real All About Title does NOT do timeshare closings NOR do we ask sellers for ANY upfront cash.



If you have been a victim of this fraud, please contact the following agencies

Federal Bureau of Investigations

Federal Trade Commission  877-438-4338

Florida Attorney General


Western Union Consumer Protection


Better Business Bureau

Department of Agriculture


Please note that you may need to call your local law enforcement agencies for further information if you live outside of Florida

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